About Us

MV21 FPSO Kwame Nkrumah

Oil & Gas Support Services

Service, Excellent Results, and Technical Experience are the core hallmarks of our formation. Our efforts have been extensively involved in supporting operations in the global oil and gas industry by providing solutions where problems exist.

Today, our real-time Offshore Procurement services enable the petroleum Industry to have an improved working environment. Our Offshore Inventory and Asset control origin has offered enormous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity in the industry. This is a quantum leap from our initial provision of traditional ‘just-in-case’ offshore supplies to delivering ‘just-in-time’ supply support that meets the changing needs of the industry.

How do we deliver?

International Teamwork

From our background of the belief that diversity spurs creativity, collaboration, and understanding of regional differences, we operate from strategic locations where our services are of urgent need. JPN Offshore has over the last few years exhibited a commitment to working with our clients to create the highest level of excellent service for business support.

At JPN Offshore, we can assure that Reliable and Excellent service provision is enabled irrespective of geographic boundaries.

Service Innovation

We place emphasis on developing innovative service that adds value for our customers. From Ghana, we seek to get established with service expansion in demanded areas of procurement, asset control, and consultancy as well as catering service provisions.